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June 18, 2017
Twin Light Blinds Billings MT
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October 16, 2018
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When you’re buying blinds for your home, you need to know the differences between them. Here’s a short rundown on the types of window blinds available for your home.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are known for their flexibility, making them ideal for windows with odd shapes. The combs themselves also trap air, making these blinds good thermal and sound insulators. They can also be installed vertically or horizontally and look great with a more modern decor.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are probably what first comes to mind when you think of window blinds. They are ideal for sliding glass windows and doors, and their long vertical slats can give the illusion of a taller ceiling. They also provide good air circulation and can be made to fit practically any decor.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are perfect for those who want more light control from their window treatments. With enough slats, you can practically block out all light if you wish. These blinds look great with a more rustic decor, but they can work well in a more modern setting.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are usually made from one piece instead of several slats, and they can be rolled down as needed. Most have a spring-loaded roller that let you roll them up quickly with a pull of a cord, but they also stay in place when you want them pulled down. They are easier to clean than many other blinds. Go with these blinds if you want to give your home a more old-fashioned look.


Shutters have a distinct appearance that can give your home a lot of character. Wooden plantation shutters that can be painted to match your decor are the traditional choice, but more modern homeowners might want to go with vinyl shutters for a more contemporary look.

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