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Different Types of Blinds Explained
October 16, 2018
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How to Choose a Window Blinds Company

Twin Light Blinds Billings MT

Blinds Billings MT

So many people today are plagued by hectic lives and tough decisions, so choosing a window treatment should not be an added stress. To be honest, the number of possibilities is almost endless in today’s design marketplace and it can be overwhelming to even the most knowledgeable and discerning of clients. The best blind and shade companies make the window treatment selection process easier while educating the client about each product and how it will ultimately benefit both the room and the owner’s overall lifestyle.

Window treatments purchased from a specialized, local business can transform a house and showcase the owner’s personal sense of style. And don’t forget, it may be possible to add your window treatments into your home loan if you are buying a new house.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Choosing the right shade or treatment for a room can be overwhelming. Even when clients know the type or style of treatment, the possibilities within each category are vast.

Working with a professional consultant in your home to go over each option of shade and the desired aesthetic and function within each room helps to narrow down and select the perfect treatment for your project. Once the perfect style and product is selected, the professional can easily help further narrow down the fabric to suit any style or budget. These are services and products that are simply not available from the big box stores.

A professional window coverings expert will not only help you to choose the best blinds, shades or shutters for your décor and purpose, that professional can provide far superior service in the event it is needed. Pick a window treatment store that is local and will provide good references. Should you need a blind repaired in the future, your local, family owned company may be able to come to your home, repair the problem on the spot, replace the blind in the window. Easy and no hassle. Your big box store won’t even come to your house to inspect the problem. A franchise headquartered in another state may remove your blind to send it back to the factory leaving you without a blind, and then finally replace it weeks after you’ve been stuck with nothing in your window.

Professional consultants help to take the guesswork out of selecting a treatment and color, and maximize the efficiency and desired outcome of each product.


Measuring for window treatments can be a difficult and complex task, not to mention a time consuming one as well. If there is a large number of windows in a home the process can take hours, and precision in measuring for window treatments is extremely important for the shade to function in the right way. By leaving the process of measuring to professionals, the labor and time for measuring is alleviated along with much of the guesswork. Having a professional company measure your window openings ensures the proper function and fit of every treatment. You also won’t end up with gaps along the side of your windows that can seriously reduce your privacy. Oddly shaped or irregular windows can easily be accommodated by choosing the right shade and using a stencil to ensure proper fit at the time of installation.


Today, with the ease that technology lends to our lives, motorization of window treatments for some can be a necessity rather than just a luxury.

When windows are located in hard to reach places the added convenience of motors allows the consumer to raise and lower and open and close shades, draperies, or shutters from a chair or even a smart phone, miles away. Additionally, very large windows may require a rather heavy, large shade that may be hard on both you and the shade to operate. In cases such as these, a professional knows to recommend a motor, and will also review the best options and features of each motor. Motorization can be a tricky process and definitely not something you want to attempt on your own. A professional works with you and your builder to find the best wiring solutions to each motorized shade for new construction or with the homeowner for upgrading an existing home. They can also advise you when a battery-operated motor is the better fit for your project and why.


In order for a window treatment to function properly and have the longest lifespan, proper installation is paramount. It is imperative that you employ a highly skilled, motivated and insured team of installers to make sure your project functions and performs perfectly. Not only does the installation team know how to trouble shoot any problems should they arise, they are trained and certified by multiple companies to make sure products can function together or separately and are installed in the proper manner. Even what appears to be a straightforward installation can easily become a nightmare project when attempted by a homeowner or box store without the necessary experience. By allowing a professional installation team to properly install your project, you protect yourself, your home and your investment.

Aesthetics and Function

Many clients seek window treatments that will help achieve a particular design aesthetic within a room, but are not sure which products will achieve their desired look and function.

Be sure to work with a company that specializes in all kinds of blinds, shutters and shades. A specially trained consultant can help you, your designer, or builder to select products that enhance the décor and style of a particular project, and to ensure that each product achieves the desired outcome, be it energy and heat reduction, privacy, insulation, design or any combination of all of these. A window treatment professional will help to narrow down the brand and specific product to match both your style and budget.

It would be difficult to find an aspect of interior design that makes a greater impact than what the windows are wearing. A home’s design is simply not complete until the finishing touch of window decoration is in place.

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