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October 16, 2018
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For a room that exudes serenity and comfort, choose blue and white. The colors of gentle rolling clouds on a sunny day, they are known to give people a restful, contented feeling.

A Timeless Pairing

That’s why blue has been a favorite color for centuries, found often in everything from pottery to fabrics. Whether it in ancient China or medieval France, the color enhanced the beauty of porcelain and pottery, as well as clothing and fabrics used to decorate homes.

Blue and white are still one of the most popular pairings, especially in home decoration. Designers know it draws the eye and provides a restful background to family activities.

Blue and White for the Windows

Window treatments using blue and white are a natural. Since blue is available in such a wide range of shades, it can provide a strong accent to other furnishings. Blue and white give impact to a window and wall, complementing the rest of the room.

Blues range from pale to teal to dark navy. In fact, blue has one of the widest variety of hues available of any color. What makes it so versatile for blinds and shades is the fact that the blue fabric can have geometric designs, stripes, florals or other patterns.

Types of Blue and White Window Treatments

Not sure what is available? Consider the wide range of ways you can dress up a window with shades of blue and white:

  • Blue rollers: perfect for a simple look
  • Blue roman shades: they can upgrade a drape wall instantly

Blue cellular: these are one of the most affordable ways to bring pizzazz to a window!

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